The Christamore House Mission

The Christamore House provides the very best child and youth educational services, senior programming and life skills training to the residents of Haughville and the Near-Westside.


The Christamore House, through education, partnerships and accountability empowers the people of Haughville and the near Westside to be self-sufficient and contributing members to a safe and healthy community.


EMPOWERMENT: By teaching skills and fostering self-reliance, we help individuals gain the confidence TO HELP THEMSELVES by taking control of their lives and their community.

GIVE BACK: We remind those who succeed in their obligation TO DONATE by supporting and mentoring others who need encouragement and assistance.

EDUCATION: TO EMBRACE EDUCATION by bringing preschoolers, youth, teens, adults and seniors together to achieve academic excellence.

RESPONSIBILITY: Showing people that they alone have the duty and the power to generate positive changes TO STOP CRIME and strengthen themselves and the community.

COMMUNITY PRIDE: The respect we demonstrate by working TO BE A GOOD CITIZEN AND GOOD NEIGHBOR to those we serve is echoed in the way they treat others, creating a cornerstone for a proud community.

TEAMWORK: We will seek TO PARTNER WITH OTHERS to provide additional resources, services and offerings to enhance our Mission.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Through transparency, clear communication and integrity, we will STEP UP OUR GAME by demonstrating our confidence in each other to accomplish our goals.

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